Soul Shells Sea Glass

Soul Shells Sea Glass is your source on the web for information about sea glass. We’ll go over where to find it, how to find it, then what to do with it once you’ve found it. We’ll also talk about the different kinds of sea glass, like: multis, black glass, “bubbles”, marbles and more!

Blue and Yellow Sea Glass Lots

These lots of blue and yellow sea glass were found by me on the Mediterranean shores of Spain. We scoop out a 1 ounce lot and ship it to you. These are called "grab bag" lots, and are not hand-pick pieces.

blue and yellow sea glass

Beach in a Bottle!

Choose sand from Grand Cayman, Grand Turk, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and the Bahamas! The sea glass is from Spain, France and England and sea shells from Mallorca and Sardinia. Use them as ornaments or just decoration.

Beach in a Bottle Contents

We have a travel blog for where to go on vacation to find sea glass. We’re constantly adding to our blogs and videos. I’ve planned trips all over the world for sea glass hunting.
It can be unpredictable, but it’s also great fun. 

Our sea glass videos include how to identify black glass, traveling to Seaham Beach and where to find glass in other areas like France and Puerto Rico.


Planning Your Trip Around Sea Glass Hunting

If you’re an avid sea glass hunter, you’ll want to find the best beaches around the world for sea glass! Read my blog to find some of the best beaches in France, England, and Spain.